Simig Lighting is founded based on the faith to provide energy-saving and eco-friendly lighting solutions to human beings for sustainable development. Focusing on the high power LED lighting area, Simig is endeavoring to develop the finest quality and highest lumen-output LED lights with the lowest energy consumption to reduce CO2 emission and carbon footprint.

Does the company accept customization of product color or size ?

Yes, our company can provide services with customized products for customers. You can customize the properties of the products including size, color and material by your own needs. We will judge whether the requirements can be customized according to the actual production so that we can provide safe and high-quality production to feed the customized needs of customers.

What are the delivery charges for orders ?

The delivery charges of the product are mainly determined by its size, packaging and delivery methods. We will take full account of these factors and then determine the best delivery for our customers to ensure product integrity and economy.

How long is the delivery time ?

The production time of our products is generally 15~20 days, depending on the quantity of the products. We will arrange the delivery as soon as possible after the production is finished. And we have been committed to doing our best to provide products and services for our customers.

Which payment methods are accepted ?

We can accept varieties of payment methods as Boleto, MasterCard, Visa, T/T, online bank payment, etc and accept payment in a variety of currencies. You can send us a message to know more about it.